Bought a house with my (now) wife in late June of 2017,

21 Dec 2018 03:52

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<p class="yklcuq-10 hpxQMr My wife and I ended up making quite a few changes with our house right after we bought it. We wanted to change the flooring, paint, and kitchen right away, and so we did. We ended up putting hardwood in the entryway, living room, half-bathroom, dining room, and kitchen. Followed it up with a complete kitchen renovation (including removing some walls), as well as new lighting, paint, outlets and switches, and redid the small half bathroom.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p class=" yklcuq-10="" hpxqmr="" was="" quite="" a="" project,="" but="" able="" to="" do="" all="" the="" work="" with="" only="" few="" friends="" helping="" 2-man="" jobs.="" my="" wife="" sure="" loved="" doing="" demo,="" had="" me="" deal="" everything="" else.<=""></p>
<p class="yklcuq-27 blazbt" _blank"="" href="]&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p class=" yklcuq-10="" hpxqmr="" let="" me="" know="" what="" you="" think!="" it's="" not="" perfect="" to="" me,="" but="" i="" seem="" be="" the="" only="" one="" notice="" imperfections.="" i'll="" try="" answer="" questions="" if="" you've="" got="" them.<="">


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