Basement walls

11 Jan 2019 04:16

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<p class="yklcuq-10 hpxQMr I had a quote on basement , framing, insulation, drywall ready to paint. 12 by 20 feet room, south and west walls are exterior walls. It had old seventies panels I haven’t had any noticeable water , been in this house 15 years, but no vapour barrier and the section above grade has condensation issues. The batts were mouldy smelling above grade, but all framing was dry top to bottom, I pulled as it was 2 by 2 . I attribute moisture to the lack of vapour barrier and no thermal break.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p class=" yklcuq-10="" hpxqmr="" my="" friend="" gave="" me="" his="" price="" ,="" plan="" is="" tyvek,="" 2x4="" frame,="" r-20="" fiberglass,="" vapour="" barrier="" drywall.="" i’ve="" read="" so="" much="" on="" this="" head="" hurts.="" question="" i="" have="" if="" put="" 2="" inch="" rigid="" these="" walls="" first="" and="" get="" him="" to="" continue="" as="" should="" he="" be="" adding="" additional="" before="" think="" no,="" just="" looking="" for="" consensus.="" seems="" i’m="" going="" overboard.<=""></p>
<p class="yklcuq-10 hpxQMr Also carpet on floor, under pad is musty but carpet is great shape, I’m thinking about putting dricore panels down.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p class=" yklcuq-10="" hpxqmr="" should="" i="" put="" foam="" board="" on="" walls="" before="" or="" after="" dricore="" floor?<=""></p>

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