Aiming High, Greenbuild 2018 Closes with New Initiative

04 Mar 2019 07:57

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<p>CHICAGO – (Nov. 20, 2018) – The Greenbuild International Conference &amp; Expo, presented by the U.S. Green Building Council&nbsp;(USGBC) and owned and operated by Informa Exhibitions, concluded last week in Chicago, where thousands of members of the global green building community gathered.</p>
<p>The theme for this year’s Greenbuild was <em>Human X Nature</em>, representing how the green building movement embraces all of humanity by making sustainable buildings and environments accessible to everyone while benefitting the natural environment all around us.</p>
<p>During the Opening Plenary, human rights lawyer and humanitarian <strong>Amal Clooney</strong> delivered an impactful keynote that discussed her work and reminded attendees the role the green building community plays in addressing today’s challenges: “Despite [these] challenges, I am optimistic. Because all around the world I see that even where governments fall behind, individuals and companies can make a difference,” said Clooney.</p>
<p>USGBC’s President and CEO <strong>Mahesh Ramanujam</strong> also gave powerful remarks highlighting plans for the future and USGBC’s role in creating a new living standard for all people: “In the past, we have delivered on our promises of certifications, signifying high quality spaces in which we can live and work,” said Ramanujam. “Now, by harnessing the power of our partnerships with companies and organizations the world over, we will explore creating a new campaign – a Living Standard&nbsp;that indicates that an environment is healthy and safe for all who inhabit it – from buildings, to communities, to cities, to entire nations. Because a higher <strong>Living Standard</strong> is what every person on the planet deserves.”</p>

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