Greenlee Shear 30T: Hydraulically Increasing Productivi

22 Mar 2019 05:25

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<p>If shearing strut and threaded rod is your name, but you’d like to eliminate burrs and rework from your game, consider the Greenlee Shear 30T. &nbsp;With this powerful shearing solution, Greenlee promises that this product will increase the efficiency of your shop by eliminating rework, improving precision, and increasing productivity.</p>
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<h2>The Greenlee Shear 30T In A Nutshell</h2>
<p>The Shear 30T is basically a mobile workstation that allows you to cut metal strut and threaded rod so cleanly that it’s ready to use immediately without any de-burring or reworking. By providing 30 tons of hydraulic shearing force, even the toughest materials get sheared down to size in a matter of seconds.</p>
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<p>It includes a quick change die system that makes swapping out dies a simple and tool-free affair. It has die grooves that ensure that dies are inserted correctly every time they’re swapped out. The only real trick is making sure the dies match as you insert them.</p>
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<p>There are a handful of dies available now, but Greenlee is expanding for 2019. One of the most exciting is a die that will allow you to cut up to 6 pieces of threaded rod at once.</p>
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<p>The Greenlee Shear 30T includes a laser-marked measuring system with a movable stop arm that allows for quick, precise, consistent measuring. It also includes a material rest to keep your workpiece perpendicular and getting the cleanest shear. It works great on material up to 10 feet, but you may want an extra support if you’re starting with 20-foot stock.</p>
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<p>After making a shear, a retaining spring arm brings the die back to its starting position so that you can make your next cut without having to manually reset the system. When it comes to repeated cuts, it helps keep the process moving along much more efficiently.</p>
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<h2>Using the System</h2>
<p>What makes the Greenlee Shear 30T attractive is how efficient it makes just one crew member. In the field, you’ll see a lot of Pros taking a portable band saw to make cuts in strut. You have to measure it, mark, it, clamp it, and cut it. The 30T makes the process much easier with its built-in measurement and stop system while the hydraulic pump and dies make a quicker, cleaner cut.</p>
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<p>While the 30T will pay for itself in increased production quickly in the field, it’s back at the shop where you’ll get even more from it. With so many projects&nbsp;using BIM (Building Information Modeling), you know what sizes and numbers of material you’ll need in the field before you ever step foot on site. With an inventory list, you can task one crewman to make those in the shop and keep up with the needs of multiple crews on the project.</p>
<h3>Greenlee Shear 30T Features</h3>
<li>Hydraulic ram delivers 30 tons of force to quickly and easily shear through tough material</li>
<li>Use with the Greenlee 980 Electric Hydraulic Pump or EHP700L11 Battery-Powered Hydraulic Pump</li>
<li>Eliminates operator exerting force to cut material</li>
<li>Straight, burr-free cuts every time and no secondary operation needed</li>
<li>Dies can be quickly swapped out with no tools or loose parts</li>
<li>Operated with strong, durable steel dies, removing hot, exposed blades on the job</li>
<li>Eliminates hot metal shavings and debris</li>
<li>Produces clean, burr-free cuts, preventing lacerations</li>
<li>Hydraulic hose is safely contained within the workstation</li>
<li>Built-in measuring system for accurate cut lengths</li>
<li>Material rest provides support and stability for straight, perpendicular cuts</li>
<p>Check out more information on Greenlee’s target=&quot;_blank&quot; rel=&quot;nofollow noopener website or find a dealer target=&quot;_blank&quot; rel=&quot;nofollow noopener here.</p>
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