What is the proper anatomy of a mulched sitting area in

21 May 2019 03:20

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<p>I have done mulched gardens before and am familiar with the steps involved in that. Now I have a slightly different project. I want to dig out an area of my yard that will have a bench and two chairs, along with maybe a fireplace, all on top of a bed of mulch. As nothing needs to grow here, it presents a different situation to a mulched garden, and better options for dealing with weeds.</p>
<p>My current plan involves this set of layers, after digging down 2&quot;-3&quot; below soil level:</p>
<li>2&quot;-3&quot; of rubber mulch (hiding pavers)</li>
<li>Pavers (as a base for the bench/chairs/flower pots to sit on) and block edging (for a comfortable delineation between sitting area and yard)</li>
<li>1&quot; of sand</li>
<li>Commercial strength weed barrier</li>
<li>Any electrical lines needed</li>
<p>The purpose of the sand is both to help level the pavers and edging, and to weigh down the weed barrier in case something tries to grow and push it up. The pavers are there to help level the chairs and bench and push them up so they're nearly level with the top of the mulch layer.</p>
<p>Is this the appropriate approach to this project, or is there a better/easier/cheaper way to construct a long-lasting and maintenance free mulched sitting area.</p>


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