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29 Oct 2018 02:35

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<p><strong>SAN ANTONIO</strong> - Get ready to make your home a smart home for free with a bill credit from CPS Energy! </p>
<p>&quot;Believe it or not, heating and cooling costs count for about 40-50 percent of a typical homeowner's energy bill,&quot; said Daniel Segura, CPS Energy.&nbsp;&quot;It's really important to start looking at some of these smart thermostat options we have out there.&quot; </p>
<p><span><span>My Thermostat Rewards</span></span> </p>
<p>&quot;When customers purchase a WiFi&nbsp;thermostat that is approved by CPS Energy, they can qualify for an $85 bill credit towards their CPS Energy bill,&quot; Segura said. &quot;You will also enroll in My Thermostat Rewards.&quot;&nbsp; </p>
<p>The smart thermostats allow CPS Energy to control your thermostat during high peak energy times (typically from Monday-Friday around 3-7 p.m.).&nbsp; </p>
<p>&quot;The temperature in your home can benefit the entire community and help you save money,&quot; Segura said </p>
<p><i>*To qualify for the $85 bill credit, you must install a WiFi thermostat approved by CPS Energy, enroll in My Thermostat Rewards and allow CPS Energy to briefly adjust your thermostat settings during peak energy usage times.</i> </p>
<p><span><span>Casa Verde Weatherization Program</span></span> </p>
<p>CPS Energy designed the Casa Verde Weatherization Program to help income qualifying home owners and renters that are looking to help reduce their energy costs. </p>
<p>The program provides an&nbsp;average of $5,000 in energy efficiency upgrades at no cost to customers.&nbsp; </p>
<p>If you are interested in applying for the Casa Verde program, click target=&quot;_blank here.&nbsp; </p>
<p>For more information, visit target=&quot;_blank or call 210-353-2222. </p>
<p>Information courtesy of CPS Energy.&nbsp; </p>

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